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11 Ally Wolf

Turning a passion for entertainment into a fulfilling career requires a certain type of dedication. Forging your own path into an industry by learning as you go is as much adventure as it is challenge. 



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10 Njambi McGrath

Becoming an acclaimed standup comedian via an IT career and parenthood is a story in itself, but doing it while maintaining your authentic voice is a real achievement. 

09 Marque Denmon

When you have a voice like Marque Denmon does, you owe it to the world to use it.

08 Melissa Brown

With all the stories of creating our new life-work arrangement and in an age where anything is possible, it’s easy to overlook the fact that for some of us a corporate career can be the most fulfilling.

07 Creative Summit Special

For one amazing day each year Creative Summit descends on Skellefteå, Sweden for a day of amazing talks, conversations and interactions.

06 Jon Enoch

As an award-winning photographer, Jon Enoch has captured some of the most recognizable images of Politicians, Actors, Sportspeople and Musicians of our time.

05 Bruce Daisley

In addition to a day job as Twitter’s European Supremo, Bruce Daisley somehow found time to become a bestselling author (The Joy of Work) and number one podcast host (Eat Sleep Work Repeat).

04 Melissa Proctor

As a child, Melissa Proctor dreamt of being the first female NBA coach. By sticking to her dreams and following her passions, Melissa made waves off court as CMO at the Atlanta Hawks.

03 RahGor

Making your way from personal tragedy on the streets of New Jersey to becoming an international keynote speaker and author takes more than hustle. RahGor always knew his location was not his destination.

02 Andrew Crawford

Imagine your list of dream jobs. Pro-Snowboarder, NASA Scientist, building self-driving cars at Waymo, would all be pretty high on the list. This man has done them all!

01 Victoria Summer

For many of us Hollywood stardom is the ultimate dream. Arriving in Los Angeles with nothing but a suitcase and turning that into a successful career on the big screen is an incredible achievement.

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