An alternative keynote speaker with a focus on innovation, creativity and collaborating to create the future.

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What to expect

A uniquely human voice, fueled by authenticity and excitement, Andy is inspirational, thought-provoking and entertaining in equal measure. Inspiring individuals, teams and entire organizations to drive for future success, satisfaction and growth, Andy will leave your audience entertained, motivated, ready and excited to create the future. He will also be a supportive advocate, adding to promotion, sharing and positivity before, during and after.


Key audiences

Andy has delivered hundreds of speaking engagements across the world, from internal events for Fortune 500 organizations, to intimate executive groups, major cross-industry conferences, international expos and more. He speaks to audiences that include senior executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, innovators, creative explorers, corporate managers and university students. Every keynote he gives is designed specifically for the event and its audience to maximize impact and you're guaranteed an advocate for your event.

See Andy in Action

Take a look at Andy's showreel featuring footage of him in action. Every talk, workshop or session is designed specifically for the event in question, so contact Andy and share your vision.

An entertaining expert on the relationship between life and work.

Andy works with some of the planet's largest, most complex organizations and biggest brands, helping them to navigate a path towards a successful, fulfilled future - and even identifying what that looks like.

Andy's Story

One of the world's leading experts in the complex relationship between people, organizations and work, Andy Swann has built his reputation by forging unique, impactful and alternative perspectives that drive success in even the most complex situations. His approaches and strategies have created major impacts for some of the planet's most famous and challenged organizations and he has helped everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to new graduates discover their personal path to success (whatever that looks like). 

Fresh out of university, Andy created The V- oid magazine, before embarking on a institutional troubleshooting career and embarking on a journey that took him to find answers through experimenting, often with himself as the guinea pig. This exploration and fire still drives everything Andy does and in addition to acting as Founder and CEO of  corporate innovation catalysts My Amazing Team and its tech offshoot Elevate Labs he is a highly-regarded author, keynote speaker and media contributor around the world. 

Andy's first book The Human Workplace was described as essential reading for all leaders and his informal, personable and energetic style continues to win fans and start conversations.  To inspire others on their journey, Andy created and hosts The LifeWork Podcast, shares articles and blogs and in 2020 is launching the business and career troubleshooting video show Give Out But Don't Give Up.


What they say

Andy inspired our audience! It was a delight to work with him and we can't wait to do so again in the very near future.

...engaging, informative and fun. Andy listened to the brief and delivered beyond our expectation.

...we're all still talking about it and will take the learnings back to put them into action. Let's do this!

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